Lynn Burkhart, Jr. – President

Controlled Release Technologies, Inc.

Often we are asked “Why do I need air-conditioning filters? They are such a pain.”

Filters are essential to any air conditioning system, whether in large commercial building applications or in residential homes. Most homeowners and commercial HVAC customers know there is such a thing as a filter, but many do not understand the essential functions of filters.

Number One: Health Issues

 All air contains particles. Some of these particles can be easily seen, but there are many particles that cannot be seen. These smaller particles can be dust, bacteria, or mold. Air conditioners draw these small particles into them when cooling and heating.

The A/C filters help remove these particles before they can be breathed in by indoor occupants.

Dirty filters need to be replaced periodically to assist your health.  Usually, filters are changed every 3 months but may be more often if the environment has a lot of pollen and dust.

Number Two: Equipment Operational and Replacement Costs

 Not changing filters causes your equipment to use more electricity than it normally would, resulting in a higher monthly bill. Incoming particles insulate your coils and the result is that you’re A/C unit must run longer to cool the area because the coil is insulated.

We hope this little bit of information might assist both residential and commercial owners with a better understanding of the role of air conditioning filters in their HVAC systems. If you have any questions or comments, please email us.