Duct Coating & Insulation

Over time, insulation in your ductwork and HVAC system breaks down, causing fiberglass and asbestos particles to fly around in your HVAC system. Why is this bad? It’s an environmental issue and a health hazard for your business, customers and employees. No one wants fiberglass insulation flying out of vents and into their living and working spaces. So how can you fix it? With one of our insulation sealants. We have a line of three products perfectly engineered to fix your insulation degradation problems.

Over time, insulation in your ductwork
and HVAC system breaks down.

Flex Seal

A thick, water-based coating for insulation, Flex Seal is white in color and NFPA 90A compliant. It has a low flame and smoke spread, is low in VOCs, has low odor and dries in just 4-6 hours! That means you can put the unit back into service quickly for a very satisfied customer. Flex Seal can be used for ductwork, interior HVAC walls, wood, concrete, metal, etc.


This is our EPA-registered version of Flex Seal and it’s proven to prevent algae, mold and mildew! It has the same drying time as Flex Seal, and can be applied in all the same places, including in ductwork.


Need an insulation coating engineered specifically for ductwork? We’ve got you covered, literally. Ductile is engineered for use in robotic sprayers that are used in ductwork, is low viscosity, water-based and black in color. It is excellent for ductwork insulation application.

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