Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Looking for new flooring for your company? Whether you own an industrial plant, warehouse, restaurant or food processing plant, you need a reliable, long-lasting, slip-resistant and safe floor.

We know you won’t leave your company – or your employees – at risk. You’ll do your research, and when you do, we know you’ll find Newtons Tread Coat to be above the competition in every way.

How it works!

What are some of the biggest concerns about floor coatings?

  • They can cause slips, falls and injuries, which can result in workers comp claims.
  • Will the coating lift, crack or peel?
  • Is the floor resistant to chemicals, detergents and water?
  • Will it last and give you a good ROI?
  • How long will installation take and shut down your business?

Our newly reintroduced floor coating, Newtons Tread Coat, addresses all of these issues. Here’s how:

  • It’s slip-resistant and wear-resistant, with a high level of adhesion. That means a better ROI for you and a safer floor that will stand up to lots of foot traffic.
  • It surpasses all OSHA, ADA and other standards for floor coatings in the U.S. today.
  • It’s resistant to chemicals, detergents and water.
  • Installation is quick and easy – Newtons only requires 2 layers of application, versus the typical 3-4 layers of other coatings on the market.
  • It is compliant with the National Fire Protection Agency 253 Class 1 Standard.
  • Its adhesion is the highest possible, with a strong ability to last.

Our newly reintroduced floor coating, Newtons Tread Coat.

Newton’s Tread

To put it simply, Newton’s Tread is a non-slip, epoxy floor coating that exceeds industry standards in slip resistance, sustainability, durability, safety and ease of application.

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