Bioflex stops the growth of mold on interior walls and other surfaces.  Microbes cannot migrate through BioFlex offering a new level of protection for the consumer.

5 Gallons Covers 75-100 sq/ft/gal

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Bioflex was created to inhibit the future growth of mold in ductwork and on interior walls of homes and buildings. As many building owners are not covered by mold insurance, easily-applied Bioflex offers a solution to protect property from mold’s damaging effects.

Bioflex is supplied as a non-flammable, water-based liquid that is easy to use, easy to clean up and is virtually odor free. Bioflex surpasses all Federal and State Fire Codes, and is ASTM certified to have a zero flame spread, the best value possible. Bioflex offers added fire safety value to occupants of any building.

EPA-registered Bioflex integrates both effective microbial control and other high tech features, providing a product designed to meet the requirements of business and residential areas, health facilities, and today’s air-quality conscious consumer.

Mold growth ruins building materials and building contents. Specifying and using Bioflex on walls, wood studs, fiberglass, rubber insulation, and other building materials, such as concrete and masonry walls, effectively stops the growth of molds before they occur.

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