Clean AC Kit

The Clean AC kit is an annual four-step application process that rids HVAC air handler units of buildup and accumulation by cleaning, sanitizing and protecting both the evaporator coil and condensate pan.

Instant Powder Keg
Fast Attack HVAC System Sanitizer
First Strike Micro Coat
Pan Guard time release cleaner

3-5 ton Annual Treatment

Please Call To Order:  1-800-766-9057


Having and providing a clean HVAC System is important. Here are a few reasons to use the Clean AC Kit:

For an individual: Contact your local licensed HVAC Contractor to purchase and apply. Click here to search for ACCA’s.

For a contractor: Happy clients, less service calls (if you do service contracts), quality control, and quick service.

For a building owner or facility manager: Happy, healthy tenants, not to mention the lower guest complaints because of the clean air quality. As well as, lower energy costs.

This product is intended for professional use only and not packaged for consumers. Homeowners: Ask your local HVAC Contractor!

This product is only available in specific states. Please contact customer service for more info.


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