Coil Shield

Ready to use solution that provides 12 months of protection for your beachfront HVAC condenser coils. This system can treat unlimited tonnages provided the correct amount of product is utilized.

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Specifically designed for coastal areas, Coil Shield stops salt air corrosion in its tracks. Coil Sheild protects condenser coils from the salt air attacking the aluminum fins, corroding the metal, making the aluminum flake off like a pastry.

Thoroughly tested against salt air corrosion. Independent lab test results showed Coil Shield withstood 4,000 hours in severe salt spray chamber tests with virtually no corrosion.

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How much is needed?
Each size is a ready-to-use solution that provides up to 12 months protection.

CS-1 100 tons 12 months
CS-Q 25 tons 12 months
CS-P 10 tons 12 months

Do not allow liquid product to freeze & this product has shipping restrictions during winter months.

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16oz Spray Bottle, Quart, Gallon


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