Dirty Sock Kit

CRT’s “Dirty Sock Kit” eliminates the odor by starting at the source of the problem – Ridding the unit of the already settled microbes. This product is engineered for an evaporator coil application.

Step 1: Clean – Instant Powder Keg
Step 2: Sanitize – Fast Attack
Step 3: Protect – First Strike Micro Coat

3-5 ton Annual Treatment

Please Call To Order:  1-800-766-9057


Dirty Sock Syndrome is a case where the HVAC system coils and other components have accumulated mold and other fungus due to microbes being in constant moisture from your HVAC’s condensation.

Dirty Sock Syndrome (DSS) can be devastating to a family’s home, or place of business. Would you agree that “Home Sweet Home” does not exist if you too have “Dirty Sock Syndrome”? Home is where we go for comfort, where you raise your children, where you go to rest your head after a long days’ work. Not only will DSS cause you to become aggravated, it could also cause irritation to your nose, eyes, and throat.

If your business attracts Dirty Sock Syndrome (Especially where dealing with the public), it’s a given that inflow will drastically decrease until’ the smell is extinct.

The tricky thing to keep in mind is that a lot of products on the market do not work to eliminate the odor, but instead work as a temporary cover up. So, purchasing the wrong product could ultimately result in spending large amounts of unnecessary money.

This product is intended for professional use only and not packaged for consumers. Homeowners: Ask your local HVAC Contractor.

Homeowners/Individuals – Contact your local licensed HVAC Contractor to purchase and applySearch ACCA’s

This product is only available in specific states. Please contact customer service for more info.


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