Flex Seal

Flex Seal is a one coat product developed to coat walls, wood, and porous materials such as insulation.

5 Gallons Covers – 375-500 sq ft

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Flex Seal is a one-coat coating developed to coat walls, wood, and porous materials such as insulation. It provides a flat white surface that is scrubbable and does not chalk.  The purpose of  CRT’s Flex Seal is to a) contain and encapsulate fiberglass and similar type particles thought by many to be carcinogens, b) to meet National Fire Protection (NFPA) fire and smoke generation code standards,  c) to provide a very low volatile organic (VOC) contribution, and d) to contain an agent that helps guard against the growth of odors and prevent microbial attack on its coating.
Aerosols generally have high VOC emissions (objectionable odors).  Rubberized compounds also may have a high flammability or smoke generation, making it unsuitable for many uses.

While CRT’s Flex Seal is a flexible coating with qualities listed above, it would be the product of choice for coating insulation within HVAC units or ductwork to seal off the porous insulation, and making it possible to clean the insulation.  Its white color allows users to see immediately if there is any dirt or foreign material buildup on the coating surface, and thus clean it with a rag – something not before possible on porous materials such as insulation.

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