Pan Guard

Green Certified! The first time-released product for cleaning and treating drain pans. Choose size based on HVAC system tonnage and 3 or 6 month treatment. Details below in full description.

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The first timed-release products for cleaning and treating drain pans. PanGuard HVAC drain pan cleaner is a polymer strip covered in bright green fabric, symbolic of its green certification. It goes right in your drain pan, where it slowly releases cleaning agents over a period of three or six months and protects your drain pan from deposit accumulation and odors. Green Certified!

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Part # Tonnage Treatment Months Protection
RC4/1.50 1 ton 3 month
HC4/1.50 1 ton 6 month
RC6/1.50 1-2 tons 3 month
HC6/1.50 1-2 tons 6 month
RC8/1.50 2-3 tons 3 month
HC8/1.50 2-3 tons 6 month
RC12/1.50 3-5 tons 3 month
HC12/1.50 3-5 tons 3 month
CU-N2 7-12 tons 3 month
CU-N 20-25 tons 3 month
CU-D 40-50 tons 3 month


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RC4/1.50, RC6/1.50, RC8/1.50, RC-12/1.50, CU-N2, CU-N, CU-S, CU-D, HC4/.75, HC4/1.50, HC6/1.50, HC8/1.50, HC12/1.50


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