We serve a wide variety of clients, from contractors and distributors to facility managers and building owners. Here are a few reviews from our satisfied clients.

Clean Bond – Coil Cleaner & Protector:

I was so impressed with the results. Clean Bond saved me multiple man hours, both in labor and in cost. I have always used Clean Bond to remove grease and residue, and as an additional bonding agent, but I now absolutely recommend Clean Bond to prevent flash rusting. Thank you for continuing to produce easy, effective, quality products.

–Kevin Ulkie, K.M. Facility Services, Arizona

Dirty Sox Kit – Coil Cleaner Kit:

We are very pleased with the results of your Dirty Sox Kit. Our technicians have commented on its ease of application and its wonderful results! Our customers are 100% satisfied with the kits’ application and have said that they have never had fresher-smelling air come out of their vents. From customer service all the way through to the application, our experience with your company has been exceptional!

– Carol Woodall, Woodall Heating & Cooling, Alabama

Pancrete – Drip Pan Resurfacer:

We have used the Pancrete product to coat deteriorating condensate pans and condenser section floors of several rooftop air conditioning units. The coating has sealed leaks and extended the equipment service life without costly structural component repairs or replacement.

–Carroll Jones, Jefferson Lab Facilities, Virginia

Powder Keg – Coil Cleaner:

Thank you so much for your generous donation of A/C coil cleaning powder (Instant Powder Kegs). We will be able to service our A/C units more. Your willingness to help our organization really means a lot. I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

TROSA: Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, North Carolina